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It is our mission to provide high quality speech and language services that take into account the whole child. We strive to provide therapy that allows all children to reach their full communication and academic potential.

At Nicole Gerami, LLC, we evaluate each individual to determine strengths and weaknesses, address family concerns, and develop an individual treatment plan that best suits each child. When appropriate, we show families the techniques that we utilize during each session and provide homework and ideas for carryover in the home and school. Treatment is provided through both play-based and table activities that are child-centered and family friendly.

Additionally we employ a holistic approach, considering the whole child as we evaluate and treat speech and language delays and disorders. We understand that there are many factors for speech and language etiologies, and we are committed to making appropriate referrals as needed.

About Our Practice

Speech-language pathology is the study of human communication disorders. These disorders can range from simple sounds substitutions to the inability to understand or use language for functional speech.

All have the potential to isolate individuals from their social and educational surroundings. We help children with communication disorders increase their speech and language skills, learn about the world around them, utilize their knowledge and skills effectively, and enjoy positive interactions with family, teachers, caregivers and friends...